Lucas and Jesse love to talk about science. So much so, they’ve each been working in various forms of science communication for close to a decade. Talking About Talking About Science is their analysis of how popular science stories are discussed in the media.

Who are Lucas and Jesse?
Lucas is a scientist turned communicator with a background in earth science and oceanography. After his academic career, Lucas shifted to work full time in science outreach, designing hands-on programs for youth and organizing large-scale publicity campaigns for research expeditions.

Jesse is a director and designer with a passion for science. He combines experience from filmmaking and web and app development, to produce striking yet clear visuals. He is also the driving force behind Solarsail, among many other musical projects.

Lucas and Jesse have been working together for nearly a decade on a wide range of projects including science programs for youth, short films, and a podcast. They co-founded Avocado Video, a Vancouver based production company specializing in science communication. They also both play Ultimate Frisbee, lots of board games, and are obsessed with fine coffee.
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